Welcome to the Mae-frame!

The Mae-frame is the online information browser for Maindeck's Discord bot, Mae.

Mae is a custom Discord bot that enables our frequent online TCG leagues and our Marketplace profile and reference system. Interacting with Mae is done via our Discord community.

What are Leagues?

Maindeck's online leagues allow TCG fans to play regular online games of their favorite TCGs in a framework that creates incentive to play and compete while simultaneously being relaxed, welcoming, and with low time pressure.

Leagues typically run for 2-3 weeks, and each week players can freely seek opponents to play matches that will be recorded for the league, rather than dedicating entire days to playing or having to be inconvenienced by distant time zones. Players can record a limited number of games per week but can freely play with others after recording those games to help others meet their goals.

Typically, our leagues have no entry fee and use a raffle system for the majority of prizes. The player with the best score at the end of the league receives an exclusive champion playmat and prize package, while all other players get entered into a raffle for additional prizes, with entries per player based on their number of games (not wins!) recorded.

See our past, present and future leagues and standings here, and join the Discord here to be able to enter and play in leagues.

What is the Marketplace?

On the Maindeck Discord we also host a marketplace focused on TCGs and TCG-related goods. To try to create a more safe and secure platform, we've built our own reference system that allows players to build a reputation as a marketplace user.

When a user completes a transaction on the Discord, they are able to leave a reference for the other party as a buyer, seller, or trader. Based on the type of transaction (essentially, who had the greater responsibility in the transaction), as well as the reference being positive or negative, a number of Reference Experience, or RefXP, is given to that user.

In order to ensure appropriate punishment exists for bad transactors, the amount of negative refXP earned is magnitudes larger for negative references than the amount positively earned for positive references. Our users are encouraged to communicate and deal fairly with other users or their reputation will be very quickly tarnished.

As additional protection, we require users to reach level 2 through taking part in discussion on our Discord, and indicate that they've read and agreed to our Marketplace rules before a profile can be created. See our Marketplace users and transaction history here, and to learn more and join our Marketplace, join the Discord here!