Jasco Rebrands to UVS Games as UniVersus Goes Beyond My Hero Academia

Dan GreenJuly 24, 2023

Major news dropped today for fans of Jasco Games’ UniVersus CCG, which for the past 2 years has been delivered as the My Hero Academia CCG, as they announced a corporate rebranding, a slate of graphical updates, and the first non-MHA IPs to join the game since the game’s myriad DLC (Deck Loadable Content) in 2020.


Meet UVS Games, the new corporate branding in charge of UniVersus CCG. UVS Games is happy to explain their rebrand in full detail here, and you can also watch this video featuring co-presidents Paul Wharshavsky and Luohan Wei.

In addition to the company rebrand, starting with My Hero Academia’s sixth set, Jet Burn, players will be treated to a graphical Overhaul not only on the front face of the cards, but the back as well. The new card backs channel the colors of both the original UFS card backs and 2020’s first UniVersus card back, as well as show off the new logo which will feature prominently on the booster packs and other products.

As for the front face of the cards, a lot of thought went into changing it, and UVS Games published a whole article you can read that describes the changes. Just about everything changed or was remade: An entire new set of resource symbols was created, and elements of the card were shifted in order to maximize art space. UVS Games also is planning to increase the viewable artwork as card rarity increases, giving players and collectors a visual treat as they open rarer cards.

Jet Burn is also going to feature several more collectability changes, including new Alternate Art character cards roughly every 18 packs, and a tweak to the popular Prelease Packs from Undaunted Raid to replace the previous mechanically unique promo card with a random XR from the set. Read about the changes in Jet Burn here, and see the visual changes and two preview cards from Jet Burn below – the mysterious #2 Pro Hero Hawks finally joins the UniVersus roster!


Speaking of other products, UVS Games has announced the first new IPs, which seem set to release sometime around or after JetBurn hits shelves: A two-player Challenger Deck set featuring two distinct anime IPs: Trigun Stampede and Cowboy Bebop. In addition to the Challenger Decks, Collector Boosters are set to be making their way to UniVersus as well – as an addition to each Challenger Deck set giving you six foil variants – which may also have alternate art or flavor text – of cards otherwise found in the preconstructed decks. There’s no word yet, though, if there’s any way to purchase these separately, as is the case with Magic: the Gathering’s upcoming Doctor Who Commander Decks.

Check out the first look at the Challenger Deck products with these two playmats, which are part of UVS Games’ Gen Con promotional plans, and stay tuned for card previews for the first in the Challenger Deck Series to begin around Gen Con!


At Maindeck, we’ve supported Universus since the initial rebrand, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this new chapter of the game and company! Stay tuned for more content and coverage!

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