The Maindeck Podcast Episode 33 – Tales of Middle Earth

Dan GreenJuly 15, 2023
maindeck podcast 33 final

Dan is joined by Mitch to discuss Tales of Middle Earth – the new and newsworthy Magic: the Gathering expansion covering the Lord of the Rings in their Universus Beyond product line! Dan and Mitch dive into the lore of The Ring Tempts You, the value of The One Ring, and Sealed and Commander experiences with the set.

Also discussed in this episode’s banter: MHA Set 5: Undaunted Raid, Battle Spirits Saga set 2, and the hot takes surrounding Grand Archive’s latest rules update!
00:00 – Introduction
2:30 – Hand Wounds
6:40 – MHA Set 5: Undaunted Raid Thoughts
29:12 – Grand Archive Mage Decks
33:20 – Battle Spirits Saga and Spoiling Sets Early
40:20 – Which TCG Does Dan Like Most?
41:00 – Grand Archive’s Rules Update / Dan Rants
49:20 – Main Topic: Tales of Middle Earth

Episode 33 - Tales of Middle Earth
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