The Maindeck Podcast Episode 31 – Is Lifedecking a Sin?

Dan GreenApril 26, 2023
maindeck podcast 31 v2

This episode’s main topic is sort of a response – or really just a discussion about – the popular video by Kohdok from his Seven Deadly Sins of TCG Design series!

Dan and Jordan discuss our points of agreement and disagreement with Kohdok’s video, so for the full context, give his video a watch here if you haven’t before!

**YES, the Ticker is wrong! It should say Jordan Syverson, not Mike Piper!**  

@cardgamecrypt  is a channel you should check out for his excellent and funny content!

Mathematical Proof about Milling on Reddit! 

Audio-Only Format Segment Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
1:50 – Banter – Jordan’s Trials and Tribulations
4:20 – Banter – MHA’s Apparent Lack of Power Creep
13:05 – Banter – Building a Smaller Card Game Scene
34:24 – Banter – MTG MOM BATTLES!
48:35 – Main Topic: Is Lifedecking a Sin?

Episode 31 - Is Lifedecking a Sin?
Audio only:

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