The Maindeck Podcast Episode 28 – Looking Forward to 2023

Dan GreenDecember 31, 2022
maindeck podcast 28


For our grand finale episode of 2022, we brought back the original 4-host format to have our longest conversation ever about…well, nonsense, yes – and also about 2023, a year full of releases we are very much looking forward to!

Join Dan, Kevin, Mike, and Jordan on our journey to discuss the many new TCGs we are excited about in 2023, and the friends we make along the way.

There’s so much discussed here, from Jordan’s gaming woes to Mike’s RV adventures, and tons of games: Grand Archive, Battle Spirits Saga, Lorcana, Alpha Clash, Sorcery, Union Arena, Duelyst 2, Dark Table CCG, Digital Dragon Ball Super, and more!

The video and audio-only versions are below, for your pleasure!

Thank you all for an amazing year with Maindeck, and with our 9-podcast end-of-the-year extravaganza completed, we’ll be back with a regular single episode in January! See you then!

Episode 28 - Looking Forward to 2023
Audio only:

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