The Maindeck Podcast Episode 25 – 2022 Lookback: Final Fantasy TCG

Dan GreenDecember 23, 2022
maindeck podcast 25

Our pen-penultimate Lookback Series podcast is here, believe it or not!

We will be releasing 9 podcast episodes this month: 8 Lookback episodes, each focused on a different game, and 1 “Look forward” episode to discuss TCGs in the coming new year!

In this episode, Dan and guest Gabe Cavaliere – also known as OnTheDrawGames – discuss the Final Fantasy TCG’s 2022 experience. FFTCG was affected quite a bit by the pandemic, so we hope this is a fascinating look at how a community bands together to keep their passions burning.

Also discussed in this episode’s banter: Introducing Gabe, Is this the second golden age of TCGs?, Small TCGs vs Large TCGs, the Social Aspect of TCGs, and more!

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As always, let us know what you think below, and stay tuned for our next episode focused on that stalwart game with the smaller cards – Yu-Gi-Oh! is next on the list, and it releases next week! See you there!

Episode 25 - 2022 Lookback: Final Fantasy TCG
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