The Maindeck Podcast Episode 24 – 2022 Lookback: Flesh and Blood TCG

Dan GreenDecember 20, 2022
maindeck podcast 24

Our podcast aficionados will be delighted to hear that we are releasing our FIFTH podcast of the month – yes, indeed, right here!

We will be releasing 9 podcast episodes this month: 8 Lookback episodes, each focused on a different game, and 1 “Look forward” episode to discuss TCGs in the coming new year!

In this episode, Dan and guest Alex Truell – editor of The Rathe Times and Flesh and Blood superfan – discuss that rising starlet of the TCG industry, the fabulous FAB! 2022 marked a banner year for the fledgling game, and there’s much to discuss, from tournament circuits to FaB 2.0 to reprints and Living Legends. Join us as we delve into the hottest newer TCG on the market!

Also discussed in this episode’s banter: Introducing Alex, Creating vs Curating TCG content, the ambition and impact of the Star Wars CCG, and more!

As always, let us know what you think below – was FaB not so fab to you, did we fabricate any of our stories, or did anything leave you f(l)abbergasted? (Alright, I’m done now, sorry!) And stay tuned for our very next episode where we delve into the crystalline chronicles of the Final Fantasy TCG!

Episode 24 - 2022 Lookback: Flesh and Blood TCG
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