The Maindeck Podcast Episode 19 – Lorcana’s Potential

Dan GreenOctober 4, 2022
maindeck podcast 19

Welcome, TCG fans – after a short absence – to the 19th episode of the Maindeck Podcast!

In this episode, Dan and Mike discuss the biggest news to hit the TCG hobby in a while – the announcement of the upcoming TCG Disney’s Lorcana! Dan and Mike discuss the potential the game has: both to massively succeed, and places to where it could slip up and not find its footing. There’s plenty of time to speculate with the game not releasing until the end of 2023!

Also discussed in the banter: Gen Con, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon, Grand Archive TCG, and more!

What do you think about Lorcana: will it work its magic in the industry, or be swept away like so many other TCGs? Let us know in the comments!

Episode 19 - Lorcana's Potential
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