My Hero Academia August League Results and Decklists

Dan GreenSeptember 21, 2022
mha august league results

Another My Hero Academia CCG League has concluded on the Maindeck discord, and we’re happy to bring you all lists from the top 4 players once again! Even as this is going up, another MHA league is up and running, so if you haven’t joined us there to play in these FREE events every month, make sure to hop on in!

Our ability to provide prizing for these events is supported by our friends at Legendary Wolf Games – make sure to visit them for your TCG needs, including their sweet deals on preordering MHA Set 3 – Heroes Clash!

Just like before, we’ll go over the champion of the event, and then provide the decklists for the top 4 players by ranking. To view the full final standings, visit the league results on the Maeframe!

Our champion for this league was Tachus#4633, who went all the way with the controlling Mineta 2 under the Evil symbol! Tachus was the only player who went all 9 possible matches undefeated in this league, cleanly taking the first place position and earning the “THIP” Mae playmat, made in the style of the RLE Promos!

While Mineta 2 top cuts are uncommon, he’s an ever present threat who a slight advantage in our Leagues where Time Limits are not observed. However, as we head into the release of Set 3, toolboxes for many characters and symbols will open up and control-oriented decks will have more contingencies to plan for. As usual, we expect aggressive decks to start strong in the upcoming metagame, with midrange and control decks following as they start to learn the tricks and boundaries of the aggressive decks and how to shut them down.

Will Mineta 2 stick to his position and check these new aggressive decks, or will he need to adapt to stay relevant? Only time will tell! For now, here’s Tachus’s first-place list from this final stretch of Set 2’s time in the meta spotlight:

Tachus'sMinoru Mineta 2 - Evil
60 cards

Snagging second place with 8 match wins and a tiebreaker is YoinkMyYeet#7244, who switched decks a bit (as is allowed in our leagues!) but in part got there on the back of Momo Yaoyorozu 1 on Life – in fact, the exact list used by Kevin Broberg to win the recent Pasadena Regional (for details, see the Top Cut Breakdown by our friend Andrew at Go Beyond Gaming)!

Since the ban on Frog Lashing and Amphibious – and even before that, to some degree – Life Momo has been a flavor of the week deck for high level players, and, in fact, Life in general has simply continued to show that it’s got one of the best toolsets for consistently handling the threats other decks can conjure and still outputting the damage needed to win games.

We expect Heroes Clash to bring up the power of other symbols as well, especially with the new Eraser Head and Endeavor starter decks bringing the solid raw numbers afforded in starter deck cards to 5 more symbols (poor Chaos is left out, still!), but until then Life continues to take the lion’s share of top cuts, with 2 decks in our League’s top 4 being built for it.

For Momo in particular, as long as you can build to her asset/weapon keywords, she provides everything you could want in a character – speed buffing to get hits in, speed control to block when you need to, and the ability to get key cards back into your hand. This makes her extremely flexible and adaptable to both scenarios where you need to turtle down and defend and those when it’s right to string deep to go for the kill. And, as Kevin’s list showed well, it makes cards like the 1-of Knife Slice – played for its deadlock enhance against decks like Kirishima 2 – still a reliable way to secure the game as it can be grabbed easily when the game gets late and the deadlock becomes relevant.

See YoinkMyYeet’s/Kevin’s list at the link here, or below!

YoinkMyYeet'sMomo Yaoyorozu I - Life
71 cards

Despite the lower tiebreakers, Daddy’s Belt UwU#2883 still stayed up in third place with a solid Ochaco Uraraka 1 build, showing that Frog Lashings were not integral to her previous success. A note from the player on their list, which I’m including for the incredible nickname alone:

“I took a lot of inspiration for this list from my lgs owner Steve “3rd place bronze provisional Steve “grape daddy” Baker” Baker”

DBU’s list has many of the usual suspects, but also rocked some cards that some players – especially less experienced ones – are less likely to play in Uraraka. Cards like Crow & Frog Takedown can feel like they say “Asui or Tokoyomi only” but they don’t! Cheating resources to string attacks is a key component of the game, and a huge part of the raw power of characters like Uraraka who already likes to kick out other attacks to be able to attack multiple times at no added cost. Crow & Frog lets her start a string – either dealing damage or baiting out a high block – at no cost other than the card itself. A leading Crow & Frog can look like a long string is coming, so even in a hand with no other attacks, it can be an easy way to chip in some damage by scaring the opponent into holding blocks for later!

Another interesting card to see is Cannon Blast, one of the bigger raw numbers cards we’ve seen in MHA so far. Again, preserving resources with attacks like Crow & Frog can leave you able to pay all the costs to pump the blast up, and Uraraka’s enhance can bring it all the way to a 10 speed high for 11 damage – certainly in the realm to pick up kills late in a string.

For the whole list, simply click here, or scope it out right below!

Daddy's Belt UwU'sOchaco Uraraka 1 - Life
64 cards

And last, but certainly not least, That Dabi Guy himself, Lord Grim#6035, brought the pain by Double-Dabbing his way up to 4th place in the league!

Dabi is potent character – hey, we’ve even done a Deck Profile video on him previously! – and Lord Grim has managed to extract a lot of his potential and perform well with him under Chaos. With access to strong attacks like Double Jab Pummel and his powerful baseline stat pumps, Dabi is able to keep a high pressure on the opponent at all times, leading up to his haymaker build-your-own-Throw play when a game needs closing.

Just like we talk about in the video, Lord Grim has described using Dabi’s powers to play some mind games previously. While it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes pumping your next attack’s damage will make the opponent less likely to block the current attack – whether or not you have a next attack to throw doesn’t really matter when you get to freely chip damage that way! But when the next attack is a Double Jab Pummel that’s now hitting for 8 or letting you filter for more attacks if it’s blocked, you start to see some of the win-win scenarios that Dabi can build for himself.

I also feel the need to mention that Lord Grim has made excellent use of Chaos’s toolkit here – while Chaos is generally seen as one of the less reliable symbols to play under, Lord Grim’s list digs deep to find the treasure to make up for its numerical weaknesses. Cards like Cool Student, First Day of Class, and League Interview provide some critical resource management to allow Dabi to actually put together these attack strings without giving up too much ground on defense, and Release, Graceful Maneuvers, and Struggling with Studies are part of a nice package that handles opposing strings gracefully where others might struggle.

If you want to take your own stab at the list before Set 3 hits, you can find it linked right here as well as below!

Lord Grim'sDabi 1 - Chaos
60 cards

And that’s it for our decklists today! I hope you all have found something useful in these lists and breakdowns. We have some incredible players in our server and an amazing community, so if you haven’t joined yet, come on down and enjoy both camaraderie and competition in the Maindeck discord!

Of course, another huge thanks go to Legendary Wolf Games for helping provide the prize packages for this event. The crew there are the biggest supporters of some of our favorite games, and if you are looking to pick up singles or sealed product, they’re a great shop who can hook you up with what you need!

See you all in the next top 4 breakdown!

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