Deck Tech – Shifting to Third Gear with Iida 3

Kevin CarignanMay 20, 2022
deck tech iida 3

Welcome to another Deck Tech for the My Hero Academia Trading Card Game. This week we will be taking a look at the President of Class 1-A at UA Academy, Tenya Iida! This is the third version of Iida we have seen so far, releasing in the most recent set, Crimson Rampage. Iida has always been a favorite character of mine, and I really liked his first version in the first MHA set. Since then though, Iida has received a lot more support, making this current version, in my opinion, the best he has ever been.

We will be running Iida3 off of the Order symbol, which gives him access to all of the best cards from his own kit, as well as the best parts from other characters like Denki, Sero, and even Mineta. Iida’s main gimmick, just like in the show, is speed. His response ability means that whenever you use an EX ability, it will “technically” cost one less, as he will be able to replace one of the momentum used. But you still have to have it though, so landing that first attack is critically important in Iida. Luckily, he has many ways to boost his own speed to make sure his attacks can land. And when they do, they can hit hard.

Kevin'sTenya Iida 3 - Order
55 Cards
Character (1)

1x Tenya Iida III

Attacks (18)

4x Falling Thruster Kick
4x Recipro Extend
3x Recipro Burst
4x Recipro Acceleration Kick
3x High Engine Kick

Actions (2)

2x Bloodcurdle

Foundations (34)

4x Ice Gliding
4x “Fusion”
4x Requesting Assistance
2x Shock Treatment
3x Gotcha
4x Tape
1x Sticky Balls
2x Calling for Backup
2x Fulfilled My Duty
4x Heroic Lineage
3x Natural Leader
1x Travel By Tape

Sideboard (10)

2x Creepy Realization
2x Short Circuit
1x Sticky Balls
1x Fulfilled My Duty
2x Passing the Torch
2x Grasping Tape Toss

Iida’s main gameplan is to land a small string of attacks into one big attack, usually Recipro Burst. That’s why we keep his deck size at a lean 55. Iida can afford to go a little over the minimum deck size being a seven hander. But, more often than not, you want to see more than one of a certain attack, and then one of his big bombs to secure the win. So we make it really easy for him to see as many cards as possible with a smaller deck size.

One critical card in the deck is Bloodcurdle. This action is absolutely essential in the deck, and should not be removed. Being able to commit an opponent’s character at your choosing is extremely powerful. It also ensures that you don’t lose to a character like Nomu the second you sit across one at a tournament. Recipro Acceleration Kick is the main card that gets Iida’s engine (*ba-dum-tssh*) started. It allows you to start a small string of attacks, and then clear them to pay for its EX cost, which also trigger’s Iida’s character response. This will leave the momentum you do have ready for a big Recipro Burst for the kill.

Reading Iida’s Enhance might give you the temptation to run a lot of 1 difficulty foundations. However, this ability will mostly be used to simply reuse a foundation to help play more cards. The two cards you would use it on the most to reuse effects though, are Ice Gliding and “Fusion”, which are fantastic cards both offensively and defensively. You can use the Enhance on either foundation during your turn, then use Iida’s Enhance to ready it and do it again, and then ready it once more to use defensively on your opponent’s turn.

We also have cards like Requesting Assistance, as Iida will typically always have at least one momentum due to his Response. Sticky Balls, Tape, and Travel By Tape are all great defensive pieces to help keep Iida alive, as he is very squishy with only 20 health. We are only running one Travel by Tape though, as the card is very expensive to use, but as a one-of is a great tech to keep Iida alive by making a lethal attack blockable.

The side deck is full of mostly defensive pieces to side in depending on the matchup. We have another copy of Sticky Balls for more speed hate, Creepy Realization to help against decks like Froppy and Ochaco2, as well as Short Circuit and two more copies of Fulfilled My Duty for extra defense if needed. If you find yourself low on cards because of debuild decks like Mineta2, or discarding from your hand a lot thanks to characters like Gran Torino, we run two copies of Passing the Torch to help mitigate that. The last two cards in the side deck are the most flexible, and can be easily swapped for something else if your local meta doesn’t call for it. But, if you find your attack’s speed getting reduced to zero a lot, or facing walls like Kamui Woods, we run two throws in the form of Grasping Tape Toss to help push that damage through and get the momentum train moving.

The last card I want to mention is Dropkick Slicer. Since Crimson Rampage just came out, the demand for the set’s SRs are quite high. This card isn’t essential for the deck, and I would only run one copy if you happen to already have one, or can afford to pick one up. Its enhance can easily turn a non-attacking turn into an attacking one. Likewise, it can also help you draw that one extra attack you need to secure the win. I wouldn’t run more than one of them though, and I wouldn’t break your bank to try and get it either. But it is a great tech option if you happen to have one.

So what do you think of Iida3, or as I love calling him, “Anime Markiplier”? Sound off in the comments below, and share this article with your friends if you too feel the need…

the need for speed!

(The kids still know what Top Gun is, right?)

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