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Dan GreenJanuary 6, 2022
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Hey all, if you were a regular visitor of MetaManiacs, you may have been a little confused when you saw the site after the change! Welcome to Maindeck!

Maindeck is – hopefully – our final evolution, which we are able to do thanks to the love and support we have here, on YouTube, Instagram, and Patreon.

I’ve spent most of my life playing card games, judging and helping develop card games, and a good chunk working in a brick-and-mortar shop selling card games and helping our local community. When I began MetaManiacs years back, it was initially solely focused on one TCG – the MetaX TCG – which died early as many in the industry do. The name “MetaManiacs” was intended to play on the name MetaX (there was even debate about using “MetaManiaX” but it was deemed way too 90s), but after the game passed and I did what I always do – moved on to play another game or six – we stuck with the name, because it made enough sense, as every competitive TCG has a “Meta” of some kind!

But as we’ve grown and found our passion lies with community and the social fun of card games, and as other entities have begun to commandeer the term “Meta” and give it a whole new public perception, I began to feel the name’s actual relevance to our goals was going to quickly diminish.

Thanks to all of you – our community and fans, and especially our Patrons on Patreon, we have the confidence to move ahead with a rebranding, to take on a new form that remains always relevant to any TCG, and signifies what we hope to become for more and more fans – a primary source of your enjoyment in all aspects of the TCG hobby – playing, collecting, and competing.

MetaManiacs is now Maindeck, and if you bear with us, over the next couple of weeks everything will be shifting over to the new name, logo, and palette. To accompany this change, here are a few of the things you can look forward to in 2022:

  • At least one giveaway per month, with no cost to you to enter
  • More community engagement, including a refocus on our Discord and our monthly Table Talk articles that give you the chance to be heard by the community at large
  • Weekly content across a variety of TCGs, including Magic, UniVersus, Digimon, Dragon Ball Super, Grand Archive, FanZ, and more!
  • Physical rewards for our Patreon supporters in 2022
  • Merch options specially designed for our fans and relevant to as many TCGs as we can manage
  • The return of regular Podcast episodes
  • A periodic news roundup for a huge range of TCGs

All that – and more!

Thank you all again for joining us, and we look forward to enjoying card games with you for many more years!

Shuffle and Play!

~Dan and the Maindeck team

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