Red Charged Balls – FanZ Set 16 Exclusive Preview!

Dan GreenOctober 8, 20211
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Welcome back Z-Warriors! You may have thought we were done, but we’re here yet again with another preview for FanZ’s newest expansion- Premiere: Dragon Ball Super, releasing October 27th! This time, we’ve got a Red-styled attack with a whole lot of numbers. Let’s see what’s going on with this card!

Red Charged Balls is a stage-damage energy with a heap of parenthetical, immediate, and hit effects. First of all, stage damage energies tend to be on the weaker side – many physicals hit stages harder and often for no cost, so we aren’t necessarily looking at this card as a performer in the “killing your opponent” category, and it will likely want to supplement some stronger stage beat physicals to have an impact on killing your opponent at all. It’s effects will have to make up for the low damage and 1 stage cost, so let’s look at those.

First, its parenthetical only allows 1 copy of Red Charged Balls to be attached, but lets you attach it any time you banish it from the deck. This can be triggered by the new Red Relentless Mastery, which already is nudging you into stage beats. You can also score a trigger from the classic Red Ascension Mastery, though there are likely more reliable pure-anger cards to play than the anger effects on Red Charged Balls, as we will see shortly. Notably, though, this parenthetical is the only method on the card of attaching it – it doesn’t attach when played like many do. So unless you’ve got your deck stacked or get lucky on a Mastery use, you’ll need an outside means of ensuring it can attach, such as Unleashed.

Moving on to immediate effects, the first is just the effect while attached – +1 stage to all your styled attacks, which is not amazing, but not awful. The desperation effect, the only meaningful immediate effect when you play this card as an attack, however, is quite nice – 2 anger attacks are often clutch in hopping levels, especially when you can sequence them with 1 or 2 anger blocks to jump out of nowhere. Sequencing is, of course, the main issue here, as you only get the desperation effect when this is the last card you play from your hand (unless you have worked this into a Tracksuit Gohan build and are on level 3 or level 4). Still, this is starting to be the power of an effect that you are willing to manipulate your sequencing a bit to get – but can the card as a whole stack up to other, more consistent “slime anger” cards?

Finally, let’s look at the hit effect, which is – rejuvenation. Red is really starting to lean more into Rejuvenating as one of its identities, which I’m all for. For most personalities, you’re just going to score a small rejuve 1 from the hit, but an Alien personality using this can get a juicy rejuvenate 3 instead. It’s not flashy, but it’s honest work. And worth noting that, as an attack that isn’t Banished After Use, getting these hits in can load your deck back up with more rejuve abilities. There may be a point down the line where Red’s got enough rejuve capability to feel like a Namekian deck – there’s already more than some people realize!

So, where does the whole package fit in? It’s worth noting how this energy lines up with Red Relentless Mastery across the board. Even though it’s not a physical itself, it does stage damage on the mix-up – so close enough to a check there. It buffs your stage damage on attacks – easy check. It can be attached by your mastery if you can find a way to set it up – check. It has a hit effect, and Relentless Mastery can give it Focused if it’s more critical to land the attack and get the effect – check. It adds additional rejuve to go alongside the mastery’s built in rejuve – and can give you anger to fuel the mastery activation – check. So it does a little of everything and seems like the clear mastery to play the card in – and as an added bonus, it can be a nice target for Red Mule Kick when you need a crit on demand.

Despite that, though, it’s going to take a lot of glue to make this piece fit into your builds. You maximize it’s value with an Alien, and you want the attack to matter, so you really want an Alien MP who is interested in stage beats. And probably one that cares a bit more than usual about rejuvenating. Chilled fans – all 3 of you – rejoice?

Otherwise, we’ve got Hirudegarn and maybe some weird Pikkon build that could really take advantage of this. I’m not particularly convinced we are looking at a meta-changing all star here, but, again, we need a lot of glue to make the various parts of this card come together, and there are more cards yet to see. And it’s worth remembering that more aliens – especially ones known for physical prowess like Hit – will be on the way in future Dragon Ball Super sets, so this card may yet find a home in a deck other than “Make Chilled Kind of Okay Again”.dec.

So, what are your thoughts on Red Charged Balls? Let us know in the comments, and keep an eye out in the community for more sweet spoilers for FanZ – Premiere: Dragon Ball Super!

Until next time, Z-Warriors!

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