Jaco – Galactic Patrolman – FanZ Set 16 Exclusive Preview!

Dan GreenAugust 9, 2021
fanz set 16 preview

(“FanZ” is a virtual, nonprofit continuation of the Panini Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game. To learn more about FanZ and keep up with new releases and cards, visit The Dead Zone, the official FanZ blog site! And if you want to catch up on the rules, we have a convenient compilation of the Panini and FanZ rulings documents here on MetaManiacs!)

Welcome back Z-Warriors! At MetaManiacs, we are honored as always to get to show off a card for the TCG that is nearest to our hearts – FanZ!

This newest set is one of the most exciting, as FanZ is, at long last, dipping more than a toe into the realm of Dragon Ball Super. Prior to this expansion, DBS references were made sparingly – Panini introduced 3 official promos featuring Super Saiyan God Goku, Golden Frieza, and the ally form of Beerus – and FanZ added to that with an ally for Super Shenron. But with this newest “large” set, we’ll be getting new playable main personalities for many of the major characters from the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F arcs of the DBS anime – and the destroyer god himself Beerus will join new sets for characters like Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, Frieza, and Captain Ginyu that can be freely mixed and matched with their Z-based counterparts.

This list bears a striking similarity to the original roster of MPs from the game’s first release, simply swapping Trunks out for Beerus. I’m certain there’s no coincidence there – with a new set of masteries and the newest, freshest form of the anime to work from, this newest set is sure to create an excellent jumping on point for players who might want to try out our favorite form of the DBZ universe on cardboard rectangles. As always, even in official tournaments, proxies are free to use in FanZ, making it the cheapest to play as well! We guarantee you won’t get pulled over by the galactic police if you print your whole deck off to play in a tournament.

Speaking of which…we do have a preview to show you here, don’t we?


Like many of the allies we’ve seen spoiled across the internet for this set, Jaco – Galactic Patrolman is a simple Hero ally with a simple effect – a physical poke for 2 life cards that requires him to spend a stage to use. While the damage can’t match up to classic Ginyu mainstays like Jeice, the added effect of drawing a card if the attack is stopped forces the opponent to take the poke unless they want to chance you getting some more action in that combat.

As in many TCGs, card advantage is king, but it’s a bit nuanced here. The opponent does have control over whether they give it to you or not, and the opponent already isn’t likely to waste a block on such a low amount of damage. If the opponent has played a Time this combat, the cheeky Jaco user can send the attack anyway to ensure they draw a card – perhaps to attempt to dig for a block or an attack with a useful immediate effect. But even that isn’t a huge gain in many circumstances.

And this effect isn’t even new – we’ve seen a very similar version in Bardock – Oozaru, who hasn’t exactly dominated the top tables in the past years. However, in this case, we are looking at a Hero ally and the context that goes with them, as well as a very important change from stage damage to Life Cards. Stage damage can be mitigated – Life Card damage is more difficult to recover.

Despite the lower impact of the effect, this is the type of effect that can lead to a critical mass that a deck can form around. When amplified with life card damage buffs (such as Blue Resolute Mastery, Blue Lifting Drill, Blue Duality Drill, Goku – Motivated, or the new Ox King ally), and with enough other attacks. Heroes have never had the kind of ally attack quality that Villains have enjoyed, but at this point, with allies like Yamcha, Puar, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Gohan – Great Saiyaman, and now Jaco, perhaps the quantity will now be enough to make a “death by 1000 needles”-style ally deck tick.

Though the “BroKu” Goku stack from Evolution is looking a little on the weaker side these days, it has gained a very interesting new level 1 option with Goku – Confident AKA “BombKu”, who already wants to run lots of allies to fuel a giant Goku’s Spirit Bomb – or can pitch the Bomb to Unleashed for a free level. A Goku MP could run all of the above allies and provide some life card damage mods to boost the attacks. Alternatively, though it would require dropping the Great Saiyaman ally, a classic Gohan – To The Rescue deck has always been a solid start to an ally-centric build and perhaps the actions generated by searching out a wide assortment of allies can turn the tide for Gohan. Gohan’s options for modifying the damage of these attacks goes up greatly if you use the Awakening level 2 Gohan – Unlocked to then turn all of the attacks into Styled attacks!

And before we head out, the most important thing to note about Jaco – he’s got some very interesting numbers within his eclectic mix of power levels. Make sure you don’t miss those!

That’s all for our exclusive preview for FanZ set 16. What do you think about Jaco? Are you getting interested in making a Hero Ally deck with the new support coming? Let us know in the comments, and once again thanks to the FanZ dev team for the opportunity to show this card off!

Until next episode, Z-warriors!

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