Orange Playtime – FanZ Set 15: Movie Collection III Exclusive Preview!

Dan GreenJanuary 25, 2021
fanz movie collection iii preview

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Hey Z Warriors! We are happy to be able to show you an exclusive preview for the latest FanZ expansion – Movie Collection III – covering some of the most beloved movies of the late Dragon Ball Z era. To properly show this off, I reached out to a couple of fellow Maniacs – FanZ stalwart Kevin Carignan and 2018 Fusion Format champion Mike Molstre (with Orange Android 19, nonetheless!) – to pool our opinions together and present you a wider range of views! See the card below, and read on if you want to get our preliminary thoughts.

Dan Green:

One tweak that FanZ has made to the game since it changed hands is the introduction of the Trait System, which has allowed cards to be designed with a higher power level without exacerbating the problem of “staple cards” existing in their individual styles, and increasing deck variance between different MPs. So one of the first things I look for in a new FanZ card is what Trait, if any, it hides effects behind so we can figure out where the card can be played in its most powerful form. Orange Playtime is a simple Drill tutor setup that is only used when entering combat, and the trait hides a modest, but effective, 3 stage gain for Aliens. And while we are covering the bases of the card, it’s got a nice 1 endurance tossed on for good measure, making just that much easier to slip into a deck.

Breaking it down, the Drill tutor specifically is for a constant drill – any drill with an “infinity” symbol effect. Historically, and especially since the introduction of the “Drill Memory” concept, these drills tend to be the most powerful and impactful, enabling both defensive and offensive (via damage buffs) strategies. It’s worth noting that many drills designed in the later Panini sets and FanZ sets have both Constant and activated Powers (like the powerful Orange Checkup Drill), and anything that searches for an infinity symbol is capable of grabbing those drills as well!

I think the major advantage of this card that’s easy to overlook is that it’s used When Entering Combat. The DBZ TCG is a game where timing can be everything, and When Entering Combat effects essentially give you a free action before players begin taking turns in combat. While it’s absolutely true that, historically, Orange Setups have had to be massively powerful – like Orange Encouragement – to see play in tight, non-combat-filled Orange decks, those effects also had the drawback of being able to be shot down before you got an action if your opponent enters combat on you. Orange Playtime gives you the capability of tutoring a key defensive piece and gaining some stages back if you are about to be beat down, grabbing – and then immediately activating! – Orange Provoking Drill to disable your opponent’s board before combat has begun, or setting up a damage buff and a few extra stages to enable a push of damage in a more aggressively slanted deck.

I don’t think you can easily say this card is on the same power level as a card like Orange Encouragement, but, especially in an Alien-traited deck, there are definitely some reasons to look at slotting a copy or two to gain an edge on the opponent. There’s no denying the power of a tutor at the right time!

Mike Molstre:

Setups in Orange have always been a little difficult to justify running. With the overall lack of support and tutors, the focus on setups in Orange tend to fall by the wayside. With the exception of cards like Encouragement and Escape, Orange setups have never really become common place in an average deck. Orange Playtime may very well find a place in a few different meta decks but it’s difficult to imagine this becoming a staple in any capacity. In a sense, this card feels like it’s main purpose will be to tutor Orange Provoking Drill The ability to tutor mostly non-interactive when entering effects seems pretty powerful overall but comes at the cost of having to run yet another dead card.

The Alien trait feels somewhat pointless. Gaining 3 stages is always nice but I doubt any Alien deck will run this for the sake of that effect. Further, there aren’t really any meta Alien deck that exists currently that could take advantage of such an effect. If this card received a parenthetical that stated it could be placed into play if discarded from hand, one could imagine this would become common place in many Tapion and Energetic decks. Ultimately, this card in its current state will not make many waves going forward. With Orange being the powerhouse that it is, it’s probably for the best.

Kevin Carignan:

Well, I guess Orange needed ANOTHER way to get out a styled drill. Because, ya know, it had such a hard time doing that before. The one endurance is nice and it is great to see the Aliens type get more support, but I wonder how much 3 stages really helps any of the Alien MPs. Again, nice to have, but… it’s there. This isn’t a bad card at all, it just feels kind of superfluous. I can see some decks running a few copies if they REALLY gotta push out that extra drill support. But as it stands now, it feels kinda like just a drop in the ocean. To quote the great Ryan O’Malley: “meh.”!

That’s all for today, folks! Movie Collection III releases in full on January 31st – make sure you check the full thing out, stay safe and healthy, and keep the DBZ TCG dream alive by joining the communities below!

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