Opening 60 MTG ZENDIKAR RISING Collector Boosters!

Dan GreenSeptember 25, 2020
box opening zendikar rising collectors

Magic the Gathering is pulling us back in with the latest expansion, Zendikar Rising! Full of super cool Double Face cards, the return of favorite mechanics like Landfall and Kicker, and hitting that classic theme of exploration and adventure that the original Zendikar nailed so well, this set is one of the most exciting MTG sets in years!

Join me as I crack through FIVE BOXES – that’s 60 booster packs – of the Zendikar Rising Collector Boosters, the highest of high end booster packs you can get for the new set! There are going to be TONS of foils, showcase cards, borderless cards, expanded artwork, and, of course, those juicy Expedition Lands that we are hunting for! Grab a snack and settle in, there’s a lot of cards to go through!

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