DBSCG Deck Profile: Mono-Blue Set 2 Fused Zamasu – Series 11 Update!

Mike PiperSeptember 17, 2020
NEW DBS Deck Profile thumbnail set 2 zamasu set 11 update

Mike continues to push Set 2 Zamasu to the limit with his newest list, updated with all the great cards coming in DBSCG Set 11 – Vermilion Bloodline! This deck has been performing extremely well and has been tweaked with new ways to stall AND finish the game.

This rogue deck can easily make a big splash in the 2020 metagame – Mike runs through every card choice and how to use them – including the awesome new Set 11 cards like Unison Baby Vegeta and SCR Baby Hatchyyack! If you like playing with tons of life and control over the game, absolutely give this deck a try and let us know how it goes!

See the previous version of the deck here, as well as some recorded gameplay of the set 10 version here!

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