FFTCG Deck Profile: Fire/Ice FFVI (Opus 11) + Live Gameplay

Dillan StraabeSeptember 11, 2020
NEW FF Deck Profile thumbnail fire ice ff6

Hey Maniacs! We have a special double feature for you this week – Dillan’s got his live gameplay from the most recent round of the online Cure Series II event, where he used a Fire/Ice FF6-focused deck against his opponent playing Fire/Earth FF7! In addition to the gameplay, we’ve also got the deck profile on Dillan’s deck as well.

Dillan’s deck utilizes FFVI-title characters like Locke and Terra to leverage the powerful Braska’s Final Aeon with some finishing power from Sephiroth as well. See the deck at the FFDecks link here if you want to dive in yourself!

Get both videos down below and come back next week for another Final Fantasy Fridays!


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