Talim vs C. Viper – UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonSeptember 2, 2020
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Once again Jordan returns with some hot new UniVersus CCG online gameplay on Untap.in! Jordan faces off against returning opponent Adam T, using a Talim deck, as chosen by last week’s opponent! Adam’s rocking a Burst Time-filled C. Viper deck, so both of these fighting-game heroines will be dancing with Multiple attacks, trying to catch the other off guard! Who will emerge victorious?

In the UniVersus CCG – previously known as the Universal Fighting System or UFS CCG – crossover death battles come to life. Check out our other UniVersus CCG Gameplay videos to see more of what the game has to offer, and stick around for the upcoming release of the mega-popular My Hero Academia CCG in 2021!

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62 Cards
Character (2)

1x ·Talim·
1x ··Talim·· (Starting)

Attacks (19)

4x West Wind Combo
4x Casa de Leviathan
2x Rapid Gale Barrage
2x Air Blade Thrust
2x Dancing Tempest
2x Royal Poison
2x Explosion Charge
1x Paayon Thrust

Actions (4)

2x Let’s Cut Loose!
2x BANG!

Assets (5)

2x Hanging Gardens
1x Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru
1x Swordfish II
1x Syi Salika and Loka Luha

Foundations (32)

3x The Second Saintly Beast
2x Cage Fighter
2x Proud Nose
2x Innocent Breeze
2x Out of Mercy
2x God of Thunder
2x Ageless and Wise
2x Reunion Across Dimensions
2x Hell’s Reach
2x Evil Eye
2x Admission Fees
2x Pure of Heart
1x Wandering Pirate
1x Ninja Outcast
1x Tijuana Groceries
1x Masked Assassin
1x Special Riot Control
1x Esoteric Yoga
1x New Shipmate

Adam's·C. Viper·
65 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·C. Viper·

Attacks (22)

4x Stake Out
3x Raptor Rush
2x Radiant Wing
4x Lightning Fang
3x Royal Poison
4x Burst Time
2x Bug Spray

Actions (2)

2x Demon Realm Awakening

Assets (2)

2x Omega Sword and Elk Shield

Foundations (38)

2x S.I.N. Battle Suit
2x Betrayed by Family
4x Freezing the City
3x Lin Kuei Grandmaster
1x Refusing to Let Go
1x Edge of Death
2x Passing the Torch
2x Possessed by a Demon
3x Faye-Faye!
3x Malfestation
3x Marrying Age
2x Demonhide
3x Winter Rose
4x Unlikely Romance
2x Azwel’s Little Doll

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