The MetaManiacs Show Episode 5 – Handling Tilt

Dan GreenAugust 24, 2020
TMMS episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of The MetaManiacs show – a podcast where we dive into all things TCGs!

In this week’s episode the Maniacs share their experience, strategies, and stories about handling tilt – when a game gets you so stressed out that your emotions take over, causing you to make bad decisions or gameplay mistakes! Tilt can be caused by many things, and everyone’s got a different response to it, so we discuss a broad variety of tactics to approach it to try to ensure you’ve got the best chance of keeping a cool head and a focus on playing well in your next major competitive event!

Links to the short-form episode are down below. If you want more content, our Patrons get an Expanded episode where we loosen our collars, dive in deep, and digress as the conversation flows. For as low as $2 a month, you can get all of these Expanded Episodes and much more!

Due to file corruption, we will be re-recording this week’s expanded episode and releasing it next week alongside episode 6 & 6e. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Episode 5 - Handling Tilt
Audio only:
Expanded Episode 5E - Handling Tilt

Due to video corruption, we will be re-recording Expanded Episode 5E and it will be available on 8/31! Sorry about the inconvenience!

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