Set 2 Fused Zamasu vs G/Y Surge Cell – Dragon Ball Super Card Game Online Gameplay

Mike PiperAugust 21, 2020
dbs gameplay thumbnail new zamasu vs cell

Sorry for the audio issues in the beginning- they are fixed around the 7 minute mark!

This week, Mike tries his hand at providing some online gameplay for you all through Untap! Mike takes his pet deck, Set 2 Fused Zamasu, against local competitor and MetaManiacs patron Rene, who is rocking a powerful Green/Yellow Surge Cell deck, boosted by some of the crazy cards and Unisons in Dragon Ball Super Series 10!

If you enjoy seeing DBS TCG gameplay like this, let us know in the comments below and it can become a more regular occurance!

If you want the decklists for these decks, just scroll down!

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Mike'sSet 2 Fused Zamasu
60 Cards
Rene'sG/Y Surge Cell
53 Cards

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