The MetaManiacs Show Episode 4 – Gatekeeping: Be Like Goku

Dan GreenAugust 17, 2020
TMMS episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 of The MetaManiacs show – a podcast where we dive into all things TCGs!

In this week’s episode the Maniacs wade into the murky waters of social issues in our Trading Card Games – specifically we are looking at Gatekeeping, and how it can pose a problem in our communication with other players. This is a tricky subject in a competitive game, where placement and ranking provide “objective” gates for players, but we ultimately break down why we think Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super’s Goku is the prime example of a competitor at the top of his game who exemplifies how we should treat our fellow players.

Links to the short-form episode are down below. If you want more content, our Patrons get an Expanded episode where we loosen our collars, dive in deep, and digress as the conversation flows. For as low as $2 a month, you can get all of these Expanded Episodes and much more! Check it out on our Patreon!

Episode 4 - Gatekeeping: Be Like Goku
Audio only:
Expanded Episode 4E - Gatekeeping: Be Like Goku

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In Expanded Episode 4E, the Maniacs lead off with a discussion about the “strategy mindset”, and how a skill at various games can transfer to others, which can give a player an edge when they are new to a TCG. Dan’s internet fails a couple of times, and eventually the co-hosts, free to run wild with the show, lead the conversation into “Whats your favorite kind of Cake?”.  Spoiler alert – nobody mentions the band, which is a total missed opportunity.

Not sure if you want to become a Patron yet? Listen to the sample clip down below to get an sneak peek at a few minutes of this episode’s content!

Here's a sample clip from the episode!

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