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Dan GreenAugust 4, 20201
VI MHA Gen Con

On the final day of Gen Con Online 2020, Jasco Games held a “Joffice” live stream where they showed off TONS of new, officially licensed and approved images related to the upcoming My Hero Academia CCG, as well as diving into lots of information about how the upcoming Series 1 release and Organized Play program are being structured.

If you’d like to watch through the stream yourself, the full stream is linked here!

Below is a dump of all info dropped related to the MHA CCG, as well as some screenshots and some clean images courtesy of our friends at Legendary Wolf Games!

MHA CCG: Series 1
  • MHA has at least 4 Series current planned/in development.
  • Series 1 is slated to release early next year and includes (at least):
    • Series 1 Rival Decks
    • Series 1 Booster Packs
    • Series 1 DLC Pack
    • Series 1 Plus Ultra Packs
    • Sleeves
    • Playmats
MHA CCG: Series 2-4
  • Series 2 is planned for roughly 3 months after Series 1 – Q2 of 2021.
  • Each Series will also have its own DLC pack and Plus Ultra pack.
  • A new set of sleeves, tied to the theme of that Series, will release with each Series.
Series 2 Sleeves
(Q2 2021)
Series 3 Sleeves
(Q3? 2021)
Series 4 Sleeves
(Possibly Q4 2021 or Q1 2022)
New Cards and Rarities
  • New card template for MHA – “dots” pattern, card name moved to top of card, other changes made following feedback after reveal at Gen Con 2019.
    • Template is highly MHA themed and special for MHA sets, also part of making it feel like its own game
  • Cards from Gen Con 2019/2020 Demo Decks will be printed with this new frame in upcoming Demo Decks/Rival Decks. The Full Art versions of these cards are becoming…
  • New Rarity in Booster Packs – Extra Rare Cards
    • Alt Art (Full Art) version of almost any type of card, including Starter Exclusive, Common, Uncommon, and Rare
    • Unlikely to be UR variants as most URs that can be full art already are
    • Extra Rares do not take up the Rare slot in a booster pack – they are “Extra”
    • They are “not very common” but drop rate cannot be stated yet
  • In addition, there is “one more rarity” within Booster Packs that can’t be discussed yet.
  • Character cards have seen a redesign as well incorporating the purple frame, changing the previous Dot system to a Roman Numerals system
  • A “2 dot” character will now have the roman numeral 2 (“II”) next to the “Character” card type
    • Can just refer to them as “Version 2” or, as an example, All Might-2
  • It’s likely that the Series 1 DLC characters (All Might, Tenya Iida, Ochaco Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui) are all Version 2s
  • A selection of Version 1 Characters from Series 1 were shown, as pictured below. No card numbers, resource symbols, effects, or stats are included.
  • These are not all of the Series 1 characters – explicitly, these are not all of the students, not all of the pro heroes, and not all of the villains included in Series 1. Series 1 has a “massive amount” of characters.
  • Rival Decks, which the Demo Decks were based on, have additional new card reveals as well as some name and effect changes from the Demo Decks. These cards are pictured below.
  • Some Rival Deck exclusive cards will have Extra Rare full art versions in Booster Packs.
  • Additional templates were shown for Assets and Actions.
  • Non-final versions of Gutter Punk Elbow and Plus Ultra! were shown as well, as pictured below.
    • The Symbols on Gutter Punk Elbow are not necessarily Aizawa’s final symbols.
    • Plus Ultra! was previously shown to have a “MHA character only” stipulation on its Enhance – this version of the card was thrown together to show off the new template and should not be considered the final or correct version of the card.
Plus Ultra Packs
  • New Promo Card Pack as a part of the MHA CCG Organized Play Structure with new cards added to the card pool.
  • Each Series will have its own Plus Ultra Pack, meaning you will have roughly 3 months before a new one replaces the old one in tournament kits
  • Will be part of the prizing in tournaments at all levels. Local stores will be able to purchase kits through their distributors for their local events. They will also be given out at higher level events.
  • Series 1 is roughly 12-13 cards, exact number couldn’t be recalled.
  • All cards in Plus Ultra Packs are unique, not reprints or alternate arts of other cards.
  • Unsure if the cards, packs themselves, or neither will be available to receive via Redemption. The Packs themselves may be able to be sent in for Redemption, however.
Organized Play and MHA CCG Format
  • MHA CCG – the MHA-Only Format of the UniVersus CCG – may have its own unique rules compared to UniVersus Standard format.
    • The Diversity Rule is not planned to be in effect for MHA CCG.
    • Deck size or other unique rules are in testing and may be utilized.
  • There may be cards that are only legal in MHA CCG and not in the full UniVersus CCG.
    • These cards also could have unique keywords or mechanics that are not added to full UniVersus CCG.
  • Legal cards in MHA CCG will be cards released in Rival Decks, Booster Packs, MHA DLC, and Plus Ultra Packs.
  • Organized Play for MHA CCG will have its own circuit and be in addition to UniVersus CCG Organized Play. Major events will be 100% MHA-focused, including side events and possible other, non-CCG MHA games and experiences.
  • The UFS Scout program is becoming the Sensei program. Senseis will be focused on not only judging, but especially on running demos and recruiting new players into the game at their local store (“dojo”).
  • A new UniVersus-specific tournament software has been developed and is in beta testing.

Regular Local Events

  • Local Game Stores (“dojos”) can order kits with Plus Ultra Packs and other prizing for their local events, as often as they intend to run them (Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly, etc).

Dojo Championships

  • Once-a-month events held at local stores (Dojos). In addition to the standard rewards (or whatever additional rewards the store wants to offer), these events award Points towards the World Championship.


  • 6-8 Regionals will be held in a single competitive season (year).
  • Bigger than a UFS PTC event – expect high attendance and high competitive play and additional side events and MHA experiencee.
  • Rewards include Plus Ultra Packs, Booster Packs, special swag, Top Cut awards, and Points towards the World Championship.
  • Open entry to all players.


  • Once a year event in the US and other nations, bigger version of Regionals. Also award Points towards the World Championship.
  • Open entry to all players.


  • Culmination of the competitive season with the biggest rewards.
  • Open entry to all players.
  • Players earn points from Dojo Champs and higher events throughout the season – the Top 32 players by points will receive a “Welcome Package” upon entering the event.
    • “Welcome Package” will be an “extreme value” reward – “in thousands of dollars” of value.
  • The ultimate prize is still to be determined – unsure if Champion Cards as in UFS/UniVersus will be done, they are deciding and working with licensing to finalize the highest level prizing.
Upcoming Timeline
  • Dates are subject to change based on status of world health.

November 2020

  • Marketing and demoing ramp up and release of new Demo Decks with new card templates.
  • Sensei training begins
  • Series 1 Playmats and Sleeves will begin to trickle into the market.
  • Public Playtesting will begin in small amounts.

Early 2021

  • Full launch of the MHA CCG and release of Series 1 Booster Packs, Rival Decks, and Series 1 DLC
  • Beginning of full Organized Play

Q2 2021 and forward

  • Release of MHA CCG Series 2
    • Series 2 may include a new game mechanic on Attacks that is “game changing” and “not a regular old keyword”.
    • Intended to be “roughly 3 months” after release of Series 1
  • Additional supplies such as Binders, Deck Boxes, Tins, etc are being looked at.
Public Playtesting
  • Public Playtesting is planned for MHA CCG and UniVersus. Details are still to come and may change over time.
  • Public Playtesting will be open to any interested players who have a desire to provide feedback and help maintain the balance of the game.
  • May begin as early as November 2020 in small quantities.
  • Public Playtesting will utilize a Discord server and Tabletop Simulator to play with a playtest pool of cards.
  • Playtest pool can include anywhere from 1-8 “sets” of future cards, as well as “dummy” cards that are not intended to see print.
    • 80% or more of the cards are intended to be printed.
  • Playtest pool is only cards that have already made it a significant way through design – this is intended to check the numbers and power levels on cards, not as an alternative to a large portion of the design and development process.
  • Playtest cards will be obscured in various ways, which may include name, artwork, or possibly resource symbols.
  • There will be particular stipulations in the testing, such as using particular cards or building in particular ways. The Playtesting Pool will be used in conjunction with the Standard pool of cards.
  • Cards in Public Playtesting have no guarantee to see print, or may trickle in slowly through various sets.
Miscellaneous Notes
  • Redemption system may be growing further
    • Considering giving Booster Box packaging redemption value as well as others
    • Point values may be adjusted and/or new tiers may be added
  • Release Schedule of MHA CCG will be in addition to UniVersus releases – players of the UniVersus CCG will not simply have “4 MHA sets in a row” or something similar.
  • UniVersus CCG Organized Play will be in addition to MHA CCG Organized Play, but events will very likely not take place at the same time/in the same place.

Whew, I think that covers everything! Everyone at MetaManiacs is SUPER excited for My Hero Academia CCG’s eventual release – stay tuned here for TONS of coverage, especially of the MHA CCG exclusive format!

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    August 5, 2020 at 12:16 pm

    Very well done on this write up!

    My team sent this to me after it was discovered and you nailed it on all the news and info!

    For fans of the MHA CCG – Please visit for more information! We will be launching an MHA specific page closer to release.

    Thank you all!

    Jason Hawronsky
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