FFTCG Card Spotlight – Krile and Amaterasu (Opus XII)

Dillan StraabeJuly 31, 2020
FFTCG Generic thumbnail card spotlight krile

Dillan was determined to not miss this week’s Final Fantasy Fridays, so he managed to record a video from his work hotel bathroom! Like if you appreciate his dedication! 🤣

This video is a spotlight on Krile and Amaterasu, two spicy new Opus XII cards that may see some serious play in the new metagame! Earth Legend Krile can produce some crazy value for her controller, while Fire summon Amaterasu can create a threatening board presence in combination, or provide a way for wide-board Fire deck to foil their opponent’s plans to control them.

What do you think about Krile and Amaterasu? Let us know in the comments below!

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