Now Available: Panini DBZ TCG + FanZ Combined CRD

Dan GreenJuly 25, 2020
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Today we have an exciting announcement for you all – after quite a bit of work and the blessing from FanZ head honcho Joey DiCarlo, we’ve at last completed and gotten approval for a comprehensive Current Rulings Document which combines both the final CRD for the official Panini DBZ TCG, and the CRD for its fan-driven continuation. This has absolutely been a passion project for me, and my hope is that this will lower the barrier for entry and re-entry into the game and serve as a useful tool for anyone who needs to quickly find rulings or deck construction restrictions.

Find the combined CRD here!

As some of you may know, prior to starting MetaManiacs, I was honored to serve as one of just a handful of “SS3” level judges for the Panini DBZ TCG. Following its unfortunate demise, I was pulled in to help develop for Panini’s next TCG, and due to constraints on my time, I was unable to follow FanZ’s development past the first couple of virtual sets. Thankfully, fellow SS3’s Jason Toro and James Stadtmiller continued to help support the game in the capacity they could, and others in the community stepped up to help in the role of maintaining the integrity of the rules.

As MetaManiacs has expanded its games and crew – and gained support in the form of Patreon donations – I’ve found it hard to stay away from both playing and finding a method of creating content for one of my most favorite TCGs of all time. However, upon trying to dive back in, I found it a bit messy and confusing to try to put together which deck building rules were applicable, and where to find rulings and full card legality information.

I took it upon myself to fix those problems, and, working with Joey, I was able to combine both official documents into a single document, add a new section defining rules that have been added to the game in the FanZ era, and clean up a few outdated or unusual wordings that had lingered for years.

Keep in mind that, just like it’s always been, many specific rulings continue to exist on the DBZ TCG wiki – this only combines rulings that made it into either CRD.

I hope the fans of the game find the product of this effort useful – it will permanently be hosted here on MetaManiacs, and the current version will always be easily found by using the mouse-over menus on the front page (Other Games > Dragon Ball Z TCG > PanZ + FanZ Combined CRD). Additionally, in the near future it will also be hosted on The Dead Zone, the official FanZ blog.

Whenever a new version is issued, we will update that link, and release a new article like this to let you all know.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it useful, and please continue to enjoy your favorite TCGs, even after their official support dries up!

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