DBSCG Deck Profile: Post-U3 Ban Vegeks (Series 10)

Mike PiperJuly 6, 2020
NEW DBS Deck Profile thumbnail vegeks 2

Bandai hit us with a surprising – or not so surprising – announcement that some of the most degenerate cards in the Vegeks deck are now banned – those from the Universe 3 theme in the Divine Multiverse draft box.

Mike was quick to get a new build together to show you guys – so we are starting from the top again: This Vegeks deck profile covers all the info you need to take him to your locals, now with 100% fewer banned cards. While the deck is no longer as degenerate as it once was, is he still good? Absolutely! The DBSCG Series 10 metagame is just heating up!

Want to see Mike’s answer to aggro in Series 10? Check out his deck profile on Blue/Yellow Fused Zamasu using the Series 2 leader!

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