Transformers TCG: Titan Masters Attack Set Overview

Kevin CarignanJune 15, 2020
Transformers Titan Masters Attack Set Overview

What’s up fellow Maniacs? Kevin here back again with a special Transformers TCG set overview article.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the newest set for the game, Titan Masters Attack! If you have seen our Energon Edition unboxing video, this article will be very similar. Instead of a traditional unboxing video, we will go over the new mechanics and features in the new set, plus the highlights of what I pulled in my box, and a little bit into some strategy for the cards we have. So without further ado, let’s begin!

The New Cards

The first addition to the game that is new to Wave 5 that we will go over is Stratagems. Stratagems are special cards that start the game on the field. You can have one stratagem for each different character, trait, or faction listed on the stratagem. So, for example, let’s say your starting team is all Autobots and includes Optimus Prime, Legendary Warrior. Then you could run both the Heroic Spotlight and Duty & Honor stratagems. But remember, all stratagems have at least 1 star on them so they will count towards your maximum star count of 25 while deck building. Stratagems do not count towards your deck size but you can put them in your sideboard if you choose.

The next and, frankly, coolest addition to the set are Body and Head cards. Body cards start the game in Body mode and can flip back and forth between Body and Alt mode like a normal character card. But Head cards are special. You can put any Head card on any Body card that you choose and the Head mode will give a bonus to the character it is attached to. Even if the Body cards goes into Alt mode the head stays on. When the card the Head is attached to is defeated, the Head card returns to the field in Bot mode and cannot be flipped.

You can mix and match any Body and Head cards that you want. An Autobot head on a Decepticon body or vice versa – it is totally up to you! See what wild combinations you can come up with! I love these cards because they completely capture the toyetic nature of Transformers. It makes playing the game feel more like playing with action figures, which I love.

Lastly is the addition of Hybrid Battle Icons. There are some cards in this set that have a symbol inside of the pips on their card. If you flip a card like this while attacking or defending, if the character attacking or defending has the corresponding symbol they will get the ability of the battle icon. If not, you get no bonuses for the battle

A great example of this is the new action card Headbutt. This card has two black pips with the Titan Master symbol inside them. If this card is flipped when a Titan Master character is attacking it will get Pierce 2, like any character that would flip a double black pip card. But if a non-Titan Master card flips this while attacking, it gets nothing and acts as a card with no pips.

Where this gets even more interesting is when we consider effects that ask you to check if you flipped a card of a certain pip color – these effects still count hybrid battle icons, even if the character doesn’t match.

For example, let’s look at Autobot Nautica. She says when this card defends against a Car, Truck, or Tank and you flip at least one blue battle icon it gets plus one defense until the end of battle for each blue battle icon you flipped. So if on defense you flip Master of Metallikato, which has a blue Melee icon, even though Nautica isn’t a Melee character she will still get the plus one defense for flipping the card. Pretty cool right? There are a lot of fun ways you can use this loophole to gain extra abilities and cards like Master of Metallikato with three hybrid battle icons on it are perfect for that.
A Fortress Among Us

Now before we get into what we pulled, let’s talk about Fortress Maximus really quick. Every sealed box of Titan Masters Attack comes with a Fortress Maximus Pack at the bottom of it. This pack contains a large character card, like Omega Supreme and Metroplex. Fortress Maximus has to start the game with Cerebros attached to him in Head mode. Then, when Fortress Maximus is KO’d, you can put another head on top of Cerebros, like Emissary.

Again, this game is great at finding ways to translate how the toys work in real life into the card game. It’s awesome. You can play with all three of these characters as a complete team right out of the box for a full 25 stars which I think is really cool. If Fortress Maximus is taken out, Cerebros flips over to body mode with the Emissary head (or head of your choice) attached. Then, if your Cerebros goes down, the Emissary head flips and you’ve still got little bot Emissary left. Playing against Fortress Maximus is like fighting a giant robotic Russian nesting doll. It is very clever.

What We Pulled

Now, let’s go over what we got in our box. We got one SRT and five rare character cards, four rare heads, and five stratagems. Then of course we have 30 rare battle cards, one from each pack. The biggest problem with the game since the beginning was its very low ratios for pulling rare cards. Now, granted, we got really lucky with our Wave 4 box and I pulled two SRTs in it, but that is most definitely the exception rather than the rule.

Titan Masters Attack
Titan Masters Attack
Titan Masters Attack
Titan Masters Attack
Titan Masters Attack
Titan Masters Attack

Considering there are more cards in this set than usual – it is actually tied for Wave 1 with the highest card count in a single set – this is a really good sign that these ratios are improving with Wave 5. We got a lot of shinies in this set and a good number of rare cards. This definitely makes buying a sealed box way less of a risk than it has been in the past and I am very happy to see that.

I was happy to pull some of my favorite cards, like Bludgeon, who we were able to preview earlier in the year before the set came out, as well as Metallikato Stance and Master of Metallikato. Also, being a huge fan of the Dinobots I was really happy to pull Clobber and he makes me want to bring the band back together. We will see how that goes! Overall we have a lot of different avenues for deck building to pursue.

Roadbuster is a great card that performs very well in an equipment heavy deck, and I am interested to see what kind of decks can be made for Fortress Maximus just because I love his concept so much. Don’t feel restricted to keeping cards with their exact corresponding pieces. Get creative! Heck, I would love to see a deck that is nothing but conflicting heads and bodies like Optimus on Megatron’s body, Starscream on Bumblebee, stuff like that. I think it would be really fun.

That right there is one of the strengths of this game. It heavily encourages creativity and all the fun types of cards available and how they interact really does make it feel like you’re a kid with all your action figures lined up on the table deciding how you want to play with them.

Well, that is it for today, thank you so much to Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast for sending us the product to share with you – and Titan Masters Attack is available now at your friendly local game store, if they’re open, of course. So get out there and pick some up!

Thanks for reading, and stay safe Maniacs! Transform and roll out!

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