Red Healing Drill – FanZ Set 14: Showdown Exclusive Preview!

Kevin CarignanMay 22, 2020
fanz showdown preview

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What’s up, fellow Maniacs? Kevin here with another preview for the upcoming FanZ set, “Showdown”! Once again a big thanks to Joey DiCarlo for giving us another preview to show you all!

Today’s preview is Red Healing Drill! Let’s not waste any time and take a look at the image below:

At a first glance, this card is tailor made for the Awakening Master Roshi MP stack. It can proc his abilities on almost all his levels – triggering a shuffle for his level 1 and level 2, and his protection abilities on level 1, level 2, and level 4. It also can be recurred via his level 3 power!

Outside of the multitude of Master Roshi synergies, players willing to toy around with their Mastery pick will find the parenthetical on Red Healing Drill can also be used in tandem with Red Commanding Mastery, and the drill itself can, of coure, be protected on level-up by Red Amplified Mastery, ensuring constant access to shuffles to keep triggering Roshi’s anger. With Commanding in particular, you can discard Red Healing Drill with Commanding to place it in play and grab a card like Red Face Break to then trigger Roshi’s shuffle effect. And with Red Healing Drill already in play, you can utilize its rare selective reshuffle to remove cards from the bottom of your discard pile to ensure you are set up to get an attack on your next use of Commanding Mastery. Its constant effect is also great when used with other discard effects in red like the aforementioned Red Face Break, Red Quickness Drill, Red Restriction, and Red Channel Surfing Drill. It can occasionally even pick up a modicum of value against cards like Black Mischievous Mastery that your opponent uses against you, provided it ends up being the discarded card.

If you are running a Red deck with a focus on drills, you will definitely have some tough choices to make because Red Healing Drill is a multi-faceted card that can certainly find a home in such decks. It’s activated power also goes with the general theme of anger hate and anti-MPPV seen so far in Showdown. It may not be a very “red” thing to lower anger, but with so many strong anger-based strategies running around, it can’t hurt to have.

Another nuance that some players may not catch immediately is that the anger-lowering effect can target EITHER player, so you could even lower your own anger to prevent yourself from leveling up and losing key drills in a pinch!

So what are your thoughts? Will Red Healing Drill make you pick up the old Master again, or do you have another spicy deck idea that this drill slots into? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

In case you missed out, our previous Showdown preview, Saiyan Shattering Strike, was posted on Facebook, but we’ve dropped it in here for your convenience as well. Check it out below and thanks again for reading!

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