Midoriya vs Celinka! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonMay 15, 2020
uv gameplay thumbnail ep5

It’s time to go PLUS ULTRA!! My Hero Academia’s protagonist Izuku “Deku” Midoriya faces down the shrine-spirit Celinka from the upcoming board game Seventh Cross in this week’s UniVersus online gameplay!

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Check out the video below, and if you want the decklists, they are right underneath!

Jordan'sIzuku Midoriya
79 Cards
Character (1)

1x Izuku Midoriya

Attacks (24)

4x Nut Kracker
2x 5% Detroit Smash
3x Ryu’s Shoryuken
4x Valiant Assault
4x New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor
3x Fusion Soul Fist
2x Sohakkei
2x Velocity Hammer

Actions (4)

3x Let’s Cut Loose!
1x Fight Like You Mean It!

Assets (3)

1x United Kingdom of SMASH
2x Psychic Spirit Glass

Foundations (47)

4x Passing the Torch
2x Note Taking
2x Youthful Enthusiasm
2x Marrying Age
2x Pursuing a Vendetta
1x Refusing to Let Go
1x Cool and Focused
3x Fallen Master
3x Police Connections
2x Funny Valentine
1x Ominous Prophecy
1x Wandering Pirate
2x Burning with Revenge
2x Unlikely Allies
1x Confronting Jedah
2x Sense of Morals
2x Leading the Team
2x Shadow Inheritance
2x Most Trusted Assassin
2x New Empress of Netherrealm
1x Unwittingly Evil
2x Overly Dramatic
2x Journey West
2x Carrying the Legacy
1x The Three Eyes of Hiei

75 Cards
Character (6)

2x Celinka * (Starting)
4x Celinka **

Attacks (22)

2x Iron Knuckle
2x Dispelling Horn
4x Irradiate
2x Rose Mystique
4x Moon Ritual Dance
3x Swift Exorcism
4x Technical Sphere
1x Prism Storm of Torment

Actions (0)
Assets (2)

2x The White House

Foundations (45)

4x A Moment of Rest
3x Ailurophobia
2x Bonsai Enthusiast
2x Commander of Outworld’s Armies
4x Guardian of the Spirit Sword
2x Folk Tale Storyteller
1x Initiate Launch
4x Kirin Soul
2x Not Over Until You DIE
4x Overly Dramatic
1x Space Land
2x The Azure Nightmare
4x The Dark Side of Karma
4x The Second Saintly Beast
2x Wishing Ward

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