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Dan GreenApril 24, 2020
VI Joffice 4 24

(The Vital Information series explores a variety of important topics related to the UniVersus CCG – things we think you should know about!)

On April 24, Jasco Games aired their first live episode of “The Joffice” on the Jasco Games facebook page. We tuned in to catch any important UniVersus CCG info for you and pare down the stream into just what the CCG fans need to know!

  • One – or possibly more? – Character(s) from the cult classic TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer are planned to be added to the UniVersus CCG! They are currently unable to get approved due to COVID-19 related furloughs in 20th Century Fox/Disney licensing, but are expected to be able to come through in the coming months. These are planned to be promos much like the Combat Ash promo released for the Evil Dead 2 Board Game kickstarter.
  • More Grimm in Wonderland promos are coming! See a preview of three of them in the image gallery below.
  • A new-frame Revoke promo is coming as the Singles Top Cut card at the next US and UK Nationals Touranments – see the image in the gallery below!
  • A new-frame Out of your League promo will be the Teams Top Cut promo prize at US and UK Nationals this year – see the image in the gallery below.
  • A new-frame Friends and Rivals promo will be the participation prize – in a full playset – for US and UK Nationals this year, and once again the image is in the gallery below. The image shown has the incorrect symbols as it was a mockup, but the correct symbols are already on the printed card.
  • All promos during this tournament season are one-print only – any future promo versions of the cards will feature different foiling or layout, etc.
  • All promos for PTC and higher events this year appear to be foil!
  • The following cards were mocked up to be promos but were not chosen to be for 2020: Cage Fighter, Ageless and Wise, Voice of Reason, Drained by a Kiss, Ridding the World of Outsiders, Saw Blade Strike, Explosive Acrobatics, and The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons. However, there is still a potential for these cards to be reprinted in a future set or as future promos.
  • Live episodes of “The Joffice” are planned weekly going forward, so make sure to follow the Jasco Games page and stay up to date with all things UniVersus!

That’s all for today, but if you’d like to watch the whole stream, you can check out the VOD on the Jasco Games Facebook page:

That’s all for today, but if you’d like to watch the whole stream, you can check out the VOD below, and be sure to follow Jasco Games and UFS: The Universal Fighting System on Facebook to keep up on future livestreams!

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