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For over a year, we at MetaManiacs have done our best to bring the community quality content focused on the MetaX TCG, and we do believe we’ve succeeded in that goal! Unfortunately, it seems that over the past months, the game has silently faded away. We had a blast running the MetaManiacs MetaX tournament at Gen Con this year (decklists coming soon!), but with that behind us, we now turn to the future of MetaManiacs – and the future is bright!

Expanding the Meta

MetaManiacs is officially expanding its content borders – we will still provide occasional MetaX TCG updates, but our areas of focus will now include several other TCGs which will get the majority of the spotlight for the foreseeable future. In particular, we are beginning by providing content for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, the UniVersus CCG (the rebrand of the UFS CCG), and the Final Fantasy TCG. In order to accomplish this, new team members are being brought on to provide their own insight into these different games, and we hope this variety of perspectives and games will help players find information on whatever they play here, as well as potentially find interest in different games than what they currently play as well.

All of us at MetaManiacs are fans of TCGs, but especially TCGs outside the scope of the “big three”, so it will be great to provide a new home for similar minded players. We hope you guys stick with us during this transition and find something new to love – we appreciate all your support so far and we couldn’t do this without you all. We are fortunate that MetaManiacs is a general enough name that we are able to change from “The MetaX TCG Maniacs!” to simply “The TCG Maniacs!” – every TCG has a metagame of some kind – so let’s all be Maniacs together and enjoy a wide variety of games going forward.

This is not the end of our new announcements – it’s only the beginning. We have some more exciting news regarding what MetaManiacs can be for the players coming in the near future. As always, leave any comments, thoughts, and suggestions below and we hope to see you guys in the next article or video – no matter what you play!

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